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Testing by CW Analytical

KandyCare™ believes that it is very important to test your product with a third party lab. In today’s industry, many products are found to be contaminated with different bacteria, molds, yeast, pesticides, e. coli and worse. In order to offer patients a clean, safe and consistent product, we believe you have to use a third party lab.

KandyCare™ started working with CW out of curiosity in the beginning stages of development. It wasn’t until working with the lab that we became educated as to what the statistics were on edibles, flowers and concentrates that were not being tested which were found to have high levels of contaminants. This can be very dangerous and harmful to patients. KandyCare™ made the decision right away that we would work very closely with CW in order to ensure a Clean, Safe and Consistent product. We are proud of our partnership with CW and recommend them to anyone who is looking to better their medicine safety standards. KandyCare™ currently tests each batch of products for cleanliness, consistency and potency before they reach patients.


KandyCare can be found in multiple locations throughout the Bay Area including Sonoma County, East Bay, San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento.

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